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Continuing Healthcare

NHS continuing healthcare is the name given to a package of care that is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals who are not in hospital who have complex ongoing healthcare needs.

The pdf public information leaflet (103 KB)  is a guide for individuals who may be in need of ongoing care and support from health and social care professionals as a result of disability, accident or illness, and explains the process used to determine whether the individual is eligible for care funded entirely by the NHS.

Individuals can access further information on the Department of Health Website.

The contact details for the Continuing Healthcare Department in South Staffordshire are:

Telephone: 0300 404 2999 Ext: 2414

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Personal Health Budgets

What are personal health budgets?

PHBA personal health budget is an amount of money allocated to meet your assessed health needs. At the centre of a personal health budget is a care or support plan that is agreed with your local NHS team. It gives you the chance to plan meaningful goals.  This could help with the prevention of crises, greater self-management of your care and improved quality of life.

Personal Health Budgets work in a similar way to the personal budgets that many people already use to manage and pay for their social care to give people more choice and control over how they are supported.  A personal budget differs from a personal health budget in that it is a joint package of care, which is funded between the Local Authority and the CCG.

You will know how much money is available and be able to set out how your budget will be used to achieve the health outcomes in your Support Plan and the support you need to do this. The Support Plan should also include information on how the budget will be managed and what will be done to manage risk and stay healthy and safe. This may include a direct payment or a budget that is managed by a third party.

Who can have a personal health budget?

Since April 2014 people, who are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS-funded long term health and personal care provided outside hospital), have had the right to ask for a personal health budget. This subsequently became a right to have a personal health budget from October 2014 onwards.

In line with Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms, children who are eligible for Continuing Care funding have been able to have the health part of their support provided in this way since September 2014, as part of an Education and Healthcare Plan (EHC).

Personal Health Budgets are gradually being made available to other people, who could benefit from them. Since April 2016 people with Learning Disabilities, who are jointly funded by health and social care or who are in receipt of Section 117 funding, have had the right to ask for a personal health budget/personal budget. This will not include any services that are currently provided via block contracts, e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, continence products etc. The offer of a personal health budget has now been extended to those people, who receive a joint package of care for mental health conditions (Section 117) and physical disabilities.

Shropshire, Staffordshire and Stoke: the seven step approach

7 stepsClinical Commissioning Groups in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Stoke have developed a seven step process, in conjunction with local councils and other partners, to provide Personal Health Budgets to people who are eligible for Continuing Healthcare.

If you would like more information about personal health budgets, please call the PHB Team on 01743 277528 to discuss the next steps or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone from the PHB Team will contact you as soon as possible.  

Useful links

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