Rugeley Stakeholder Briefing

From 1 April 2019 there will be a change in the contract holder for Sandy Lane Surgery in Rugeley, but patients are being assured that there will be no change to the current delivery of services.

Patients do not need to do anything and will remain registered at the practice and the services provided will remain the same as they are now. Staff employed by the surgery will also be able to transfer to the new contract holder.

The change in contract holder follows the outcome of a re-procurement process, which is legally required for practices under time-limited contracts.

Sandy Lane Surgery and Horsefair Practice Group were both on contracts for providing primary care medical services until March 2019.  In order to award a new contract from April 2019, there was a legal requirement for local commissioners and NHS England to follow a process to re-procure the services provided on the same terms as they are now delivered.

This process, which has been underway for several months, has now concluded. It involved a range of providers being invited to submit bids detailing how they could deliver the contract, including those who currently hold the contract at each practice.

The outcome of the procurement process is that the Horsefair Practice Group, which currently runs Horsefair Surgery have been awarded the contract for Horsefair Surgery. They have also been awarded the contract for Sandy Lane Surgery and the change will take effect from April 2019.

Although the Horsefair Practice Group will now manage the two contracts, both surgeries will still exist, and it is a contractual requirement for them to be run as separate surgeries.

All employed staff at Sandy Lane Surgery will be able to transfer to the new organisation and continue to work at the practice in their current roles.

Patients will remain registered with the practice they are currently registered with and the practices will continue to deliver the same contracted services they do now. The only change is in the contract holder.

GP partners and management teams from both organisations are committed to working together to ensure as smooth a transition as possible to the new organisation and the retention of currently employed staff.

They are also keen to maintain continuity of patient care for their respective populations and to provide a positive and supportive culture for all staff working for the new organisation.

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