Local people are ‘Feeling the Difference’ about Health

A survey undertaken by the Staffordshire Observatory reveals that people are pleased with their local health services.


On considering the data recently released, Paul Gallagher, Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement said, “I am delighted to see that in the main, people trust their local health services. Doctors and nurses have always been the lynch-pin of local communities along with police officers and teachers and it is important that this trust is not eroded by pressures on the NHS. It is also refreshing to see that despite the financial challenges which have featured in national news recently, that a high proportion of people consider that their GP and hospital are value for money and there are high levels of satisfaction with the services received.

“It is not surprising however, that there are low levels of recognition of the Clinical Commissioning Groups. Patients really need to know how to access health services when they need them and that is where our communication effort goes; making sure people know what to do and where to go when they feel unwell or in an emergency and how to get the medical attention they need. But people should also know which organisation is responsible for holding the purse strings and that they are accountable for spending the Staffordshire public pound wisely.

“People also need to know where to go if they are unhappy with the services they receive and how to have their voice heard in the way that health services are commissioned on their behalf. It is only when local people get involved with the CCG when we seek their views that we can really understand their opinions and experiences. That way, we can provide the services that meet their needs.”

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