Patients with asthma urged to wrap up to avoid attacks in cold weather

Leading doctors are encouraging residents to prepare in advance and wrap up with scarfs and gloves during the festive period.

Temperatures this weekend are forecast to plummet across the UK which is why local health chiefs are encouraging residents who suffer from asthma to wear a scarf by wrapping it around their nose and mouth to help prevent asthma attacks.

Asthma UK is currently running a Scarfie campaign, encouraging people to wear a scarf to help prevent asthma attacks.

In a recent survey, 75 per cent of people said that cold air can trigger asthma symptoms.

How to avoid cold-related asthma attacks:

  • Carry your reliever inhaler with you at all times and keep taking your preventer inhaler as prescribed by your doctor
  • Wear gloves, a scarf and a hat, and carry an umbrella
  • When outside wrap a scarf loosely around your nose and mouth, this will help to warm the air as you breath it in
  • Go for regular asthma reviews with your GP

Dr Mo Huda, a Rugeley GP and Chair of Cannock Chase CCG said: “This weekend is forecast to be particularly cold, this is why it is important to plan ahead. Everyone who suffers from asthma needs to make sure they wear the appropriate clothing when venturing outside in these frosty conditions.

“Gloves, hats and scarfs are all recommended. As well as carrying a reliever inhaler with you at all times and regularly taking the preventer inhaler to help stop symptoms from occurring in the first place.”

To find out more about the Scarfie campaign as well as how to reduce cold-related asthma attacks, visit the Asthma UK website.

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