Men's Health Week 9-15 June

Led by the Men's Health Forum, this year's Men's Health Week runs 9-15 June and will focus on work, stress and unemployment.

Men's Health Week 2014 focuses on work and health, including stress and unemployment. But why this topic?

Male identity is strongly tied up with work and how they earn a living. This means that health at work is doubly important for men. Perhaps men take their work too seriously and their health not seriously enough.The link between work and health is clear.

Health impacts within work

Men are still nearly twice as likely to be in work full-time. Health and wellbeing issues within employment are clear. Studies have suggested longer working hours lead to:

  • Greater risk of anxiety and depression,
  • Increased risk of coronary heart disease
  • Higher premature mortality.

Unemployment and health

Whilst often ignored as a health issue, unemployment has dramatic consequences for male health.

Unemployed men are more likely to:

  • Suffer from mental health issues
  • Be concerned about depression and relationship issues.
  • Be at risk from heart attack.
  • Be at risk from two or more health risk factors.

Youth unemployment has been highlighted as a particular health issue. The WHO recently labelled UK youth unemployment 'a public health time-bomb', whilst a Prince's Trust study found half of unemployed young people surveyed felt depressed.

Visit the Men's Health Forum to find out more about Men's Health Week and advice related to work, stress and unemployment

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