Cannock health leaders find new ways to help public 'choose well' when accessing care this winter

HEALTHCARE leaders are rolling out a campaign across Cannock Chase to ensure people have all the information they need to 'Choose Well' when they need to access healthcare services.

Cannock Chase Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) launched Choose Well to try to help people understand the medical help available to them and where they can go for treatment when they need it in the quickest, most effective and most appropriate way.

Chair of Cannock Chase CCG, Dr Johnny McMahon, said: "A lot of people who need some form of medical treatment will just turn up at A&E, often completely unnecessarily, inconveniencing themselves and adding pressure to a system that is already very busy, especially at this time of year.

"The reality is there are a long list of alternatives and more often than not, people can get the care they need quicker and more conveniently elsewhere."

Dr McMahon said the CCG was focussing on getting the message out to people all over Cannock Chase in as many different ways as possible and making sure they knew what healthcare services were available in their area and what those services were best used for.

"During our consultation into Cannock's Minor Injuries Unit, one of the things people told us was that they wanted to know exactly what health services were available to them and how to access them," he said. "So in response to that, we're trying to find as many different ways as possible to get this message across.

"We've been talking to local papers and radio stations about sharing the message, using our own website and Twitter account, putting banners, posters and flyers in GP Practices, Cannock Chase Hospital, council offices, leisure centres, children's centres and even local supermarkets where CCG staff have been handing out information on some of the busiest shopping days of the year," said Dr McMahon. "We're even going into primary schools to work with children on developing a message that can be rolled out locally in the form of a game."

The Choose Well campaign aims to help people understand the options available and improve their experience of local health services, pointing people in the most appropriate direction to treat everything from a grazed knee and diarrhoea to a sprained ankle and chest pain.

You can download a copy of the Choose Well flyer here.

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